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About Dr. Buss's Research

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My central research questions relate to understanding the mechanisms of emotional development with respect to developing temperament and personality. I am primarily interested in the dynamics of emotional reactivity and regulation and how individual differences in state affect are related to trait affect, or temperament. I view emotional expression as partially reflecting individual differences in temperament. In addition, the identification of individual differences in biological processes is central to my research. I am primarily interested in the differentiation of negative affect state and traits (e.g., fear, anger, and sadness) and emotion regulation and dysregulation. My research program is designed to identify specific mechanisms that underlie individual differences in affective development. As described, these mechanisms are being uncovered through the use of several complementary methodologies across a variety of studies. These studies emphasize (1) multi-method assessment of affective behavior, (2) temperament, (3) the role of context, (4) physiological correlates, (5) neural circuitry, and (6) risk factors for development of internalizing disorders.

My current research is focused on identifying individual differences in affective developmental trajectories. Specifically, I am interested in addressing questions about whether certain affective styles, related to fear regulation or dysregulation, will serve as protective factors or as diatheses for children at risk for mood disorders.

Dr. Kristin A. Buss


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