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Psi Chi Poster Conference!

Congratulations to our Undergraduate Research Assistants on presenting your posters during the Psi Chi Poster Conference!


Kaitlyn Gilsenan: From Preschool to Kindergarten: The Effect of Fearfulness and Cortisol on Children's Development of Social Anxiety - The aim of this study was to examine the combination of fearfulness and cortisol reactivity to see if it aids in identifying groups of children who are at highest risk for developing social anxiety symptoms. These children were classified as the dysregulated fear group, that expressed high fear and high cortisol reactivity. (see below)


Grace Chen: The Relations between Fearful Temperament, Parenting, and Internalizing Problems Among Boys and Girls - The aim of this study was to capture how gender may moderate the correlates of fearful temperament, parent behavior and internalizing problems. Grace hypothesized that parents would use more intrusive parenting with boys and more protective parenting with girls. (see below)